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Fixing Warcraft 3 Delay Reducer Error Gamedll 2: A Complete Guide

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Warcraft 3 Delay Reducer Error Gamedll 2

guys can help me solve a problem????when i run the version switcher thing,i got an error and that is........An error has occurred preparing the patch. this problem can be commonly be corrected by reinstalling the game and trying the update again.Registry error loading key"warcraft III/installpath"

can anyone help me with this error?Blizzard PrePatch v2.70 compiled on Jul 7 2003This program patches Warcraft 3Log created at 12:23 am on 04/19/2011ERROR: unable to create file 'd:\games\warcraft iii2\BNUpdate.exe'The system cannot find the path specified.RESULT: Prepatch failedi've reinstalled the game 3 times


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