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Julia Isabel Clara Simo Ebook 14

Julia Isabel Clara Simo Ebook 14 is a digital edition of the novel Júlia by the Catalan writer Isabel-Clara Simó. The novel, first published in 1997, is a historical fiction set in the late 19th century in Alcoi, a town in the Valencian Community. It tells the story of Júlia, a young woman who works as a textile worker during the social unrest known as the Petroleum Revolution. Júlia dreams of escaping her harsh and oppressive life and becoming a lady of high society. However, her past haunts her: her father, who she adored, died in prison in Alicante, and her mother is accused of being a witch. Júlia will not let anything or anyone stop her from achieving her goal, but she will also have to face the consequences of her choices.

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The novel is based on a challenge that the influential writer Joan Fuster made to the Alcoian authors to write a novel about the Petroleum Revolution, a series of strikes and protests that took place in Alcoi in 1873 against the exploitation and repression of the workers by the industrial bourgeoisie. Isabel-Clara Simó accepted the challenge and wrote Júlia, which became a classic of contemporary Catalan literature. The novel has been translated into several languages, including English, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

The ebook edition of Júlia is part of the L'Eclèctica collection by Edicions Bromera, a publishing house that specializes in Catalan literature. The ebook has 304 pages and costs 14 euros. It can be purchased online from the publisher's website or from other platforms such as Amazon or Google Play. The ebook also includes an introduction by the author, who revised and rewrote the novel for its twentieth anniversary edition in 2017.

Júlia is a novel that combines historical realism with psychological depth and social criticism. It portrays the life and struggles of the working class in Alcoi during a turbulent period of history, as well as the aspirations and contradictions of a woman who wants to change her destiny. It is a captivating and moving story that invites the reader to reflect on the human condition and the role of women in society.

If you are interested in reading Júlia, you can download a free sample of the ebook from Edicions Bromera's website or read some excerpts from the novel on their blog. You can also watch a video interview with Isabel-Clara Simó about her novel on YouTube.

We hope you enjoy this ebook and discover more about the fascinating work of Isabel-Clara Simó, one of the most prominent and prolific Catalan writers of our time.


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