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Windows 8 [serial Key Only] Utorrent _VERIFIED_

ok i managed to get to the "prepare windows 8 for a clean installation" and that worked fine and i was asked to insert the windows 8 pro key. then i was asked to start the windows 8 setup. but it didn't work and the key input area was disabled. so i tried to use another computer and insert the key with the same results. i tried to run the setup.exe from another computer and that worked. but the key input was disabled again so i tried to run the setup.exe again and it said setup has detected that windows isn't running in full-screen. it says to press control alt delete to open task manager. but the control button wont work so nothing happened. now the key input area is disabled again. i am really puzzled!

windows 8 [serial key only] utorrent

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hi! i recently bought windows 8.0 in retail store at the electronics shop which is a dell store in france (avantur) in "bloussou" near paris. and i have purchased a full serial copy of a windows 8 in retail store as they have the option of the retail windows 8.0 (for the supported region of france) the serial number is 557972-1441, and the model name is inspiron n5-5541 with the retail windows 8, i was able to install it on my pc, and it works fine. when i wanted to upgrade it to windows 8.

for this i put the oem windows 8 key in a windows 7 "keyfinder" ("windows keyfinder" - (, and a couple of programs on the explore tab to "find" the key in the correct offset. i need this because when a win 8 key is injected, it may be placed in the wrong offset (which causes the upgrade to "windows 8.1" to fail. and with the oem key we know where the correct location is (0x5). in this case the find in the explore tab found the key, and the oem windows 7 key from another computer in the identical model then simply copied the oem windows 7 key from the drive in win 7 to the oem win 8 key.


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