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The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream Zip

Well my father is a really active 70 year old man who smoked his pretty much entire life. Other than that he has a healthy lifestyle, decent weight, still working as an attorney, lover of his family with multiple dreams and projects to accomplish.

the war on drugs lost in the dream zip

diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer positive for ALK gene which allows me to take pills daily to keep the growths at bay. cancer metastasized to my retina at the time of diagnosis and to my brain have had eye and full brain radiation.lost eye to radiati

I would be lost without American Lung Association, I had a fungus in my lungs that was growing, my medication cost $1,900 every 2 weeks, my job offers no insurance so I couldn't afford to get my meds. They helped me to get insurance and checked up to

My husband, Kevin, was diagnosed Stage IIIa squamous lung cancer in January 2015. radiation and chemotherapy RLL lobectomy many days he was very tired the radiation caused him soreness swallowing lost nearly 30 lbs. and his hair. . In August, he rece

I lost my grandfather to lung cancer a couple of months after I became a respiratory therapist. I know his lung cancer was most likely caused from many years of smoking cigarettes. In my 25 years as a respiratory therapist, I have cared for many pati

My mom, at the age of 46, being a non smoker started with curious symptoms and lost sight in one eye. Upon an eye exam a tumor was found, then a CT scan revealed hundreds of tumors all across her body. The largest tumor was found in her lung. When he

After two months of careful observation by my family physician, then a pulmonologist, and ultimately an oncologist, with X-rays, CT scans, and pulmonary function tests, during which time I lost weight, developed a pronounced cough and sputum coming f

Eight years has passed since I lost my mother to COPD after her surviving lung cancer. I was lost for words the day my mother told me she had lung cancer. She was my best friend and my mentor, how could I live without her?

Almost 5 years ago, I lost the most amazing person in my life. My best friend, my inspiration, and a true hero. On April 14, 2011, I lost my dad to lung cancer. As a non-smoker, his stage 4 diagnosis shocked us all. What was first thought to be pneum

In June of 2014, I lost my wife, Joanne, to lung cancer. Joanne was my hero and still is. I always said that if I went through what she did, I would probably dig a hole and climb in. Not her - she was a fighter.

I never thought that I would be talking about lung cancer because I never smoked. I have had three major health battles in the last few years. My first battle was cardiomyopathy, the second was a brain tumor which caused a stroke and I lost motor con

My dad was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in 2006. I had lost a friend the year before from small cell lung cancer, so I knew what that diagnosis meant. He had quit smoking more than 20 years before his diagnosis. He lived about a year and los

In June of 2013 my family lost our Aunt Toni to lung cancer. Than in June of 2015 we lost our grandmother, also to lung cancer. And once again in October of 2015 we lost our father to none other than lung cancer.

May 18th of last year was the day that I lost my father. It was the day that I lost my role model, the person that taught me everything I knew. I eventually realized that he was never coming back. My family had been changed forever.

My beautiful, beautiful mom and best friend lost her battle in June of 2013. She was first diagnosed with lung cancer several years prior. She was always a heavy smoker - even having a cigarette while walking in to have the upper lobe of her lung rem

After spending 39 days on the island of Fiji competing in, and winning, Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X in 2016, I returned home to be with my mother, Susie, who had been battling stage 4 lung cancer. Just one hour after I returned home, my mom lost

My name is Carol Taylor. In October 1979 my dad lost his battle with lung cancer. As a young woman, I was in a place in my life where I did not realize what he was going through as he fought this battle. I had never seen anyone go through lung cancer

I lost both my mom and my grandma to lung cancer, and they were not smokers. Within six weeks of diagnosis, after just a month in hospice my grandma died, and my mom only got one year after her diagnosis. She was only 62.

I started smoking at an early age and smoked a pack a day for 35 years. I lost my father and my older sister to lung cancer and only wish that they would have been able to take advantage of the Low Dose CT Scan that may have helped save their li

I believe I am a lung force hero because I personally have been impacted by lung disease. When I was just in 7th grade I lost my grandfather to pulmonary fibrosis which is a disease that causes the lungs to harden.

9/11 was a day of tragedy that could have united the world against terrorism. Instead, it was used as a power grab in every sense. Now more than ever, I understand just how precious our freedoms and protections are. The American people lost far more than innocence on 9/11. Amber - ID

God Bless our wonderful nation. It is very sad to think of the lives that were lost on 9/11. It is very important for us as Americans to remember what our forefathers envisioned while writing the Constitution of the United States. I am proud to take a stand for our freedom. We must also remember that sometimes our freedoms come at a price. I love this country and know that by being united we can accomplish all things. Arda - MI

When I saw the towers fall, I knew there would be a devastating impact on my nephews. In fact, one of them lost his life in Afghanistan. We must remember that while America protects its own freedom, we must do so wisely and without compromising the values that define the best of America. Betty - NY

We must restore the Constitutional Rights lost after 09-11-2001. It's the right thing to do & Congress & the President MUST do IT ASAP! Thank you kindly for your time and attention and that of your staff. Yours truly, Brett - NY

To honor the lives lost on 9/11, we must remain vigilant and not allow our civil rights and our constitution be taken away with fear and deception from within. We must educate ourselves and question any legislation that takes away our freedom. Carlos - CA

On this anniversary, I mourn the loss of lives that day; as well as the loss of liberties that followed. I re-commit to fighting to regain the liberties lost and safeguarding the liberties we have!! Cheryl - AZ

The "Citizens United" Supreme Court debacle should make us all realize how precious our rights are, foreseen so clearly by the foreparents---& how important it is to protect those rights. Without legal vigilance, all can be lost in what seems a historical heartbeat. Claudia - NY

I find it appalling that Bush and Cheney brag about torturing people something our first president adamantly despised and forbid as was the way until these two step into power. I am hopeful that we will earn back our respect in the world but it's not going to happen with our current president or democratic leaders and if the GOP receives any more power it may never happen. The most disappointing thing is this may not happen in my lifetime. Since my birth I have watched the American dream, upward mobility and basic care for all Americans wideied away by ignorance and the greed that exploits and encourages it continuance. I thought we had hope for real change with this president but he's no better than the last and any good he did is minimized by all the backward compromises. David - NY

How we have as a country lost our liberties over nineteen men with box cutters. President Bush and his administration created this new law called the Patriot Act to spy on all Americans no matter your religion, race or sexual presence. Our government intruded invades our personal lives as we were the enemy But yet we as Americans get to have our lives invaded and be spied upon take away our civil rights of our Constitution because someone drop the ball and didn't have enough sense to see what was going on with all our CIA intelligence. Debra - NJ

So many innocent lives lost. Would they want this?: Our Constitution and our way of life have been altered, not by foreign terrorists, but by the Bush Administration who saw to it to stir fear and racism for profit. Now what? Debra - NY

The only document or cause of value in this country of outrageous greed is the Constitution. If any part of this hallowed document were completely destroyed, though they've tried and succeeded somewhat, this country's value would be lost forever. Dee - FL

Those who want to destroy us will do so through fear. We have currently lost some of our freedom through fear and more will be lost in the future if we succumb to politically sponsored fear. Elaine - CA

We have lost many pieces of freedom since e 9/11. "Those who give up freedom for safety deserve. neither." I intend to continue standing up for freedom for everyone in this nation. Jerold and Josephine - NM

Nine eleven, put a scar, on every Americans heart. Anyone with a soul, was crying on that day. I, didn't have to be there, to feel the pain, of losing, because we all lost something on that day, our FREEDOM ! john - WA

The biggest disappointment is that the current adminstarion has done precious little to restore that which has been lost. Our country has been heading down a treacherous path and I see little hope on the horizon for reversing the political and economic injustices of the past decade.I hope I'm wrong, but... Karl - AZ

That was a very sad day 10 years ago. I bless each and every one of those men and women who lost their lives in that horrible terrorist attack. The terrorists may have knocked us down a peg or two, but we are not defeated by a long shot. We will not be beaten. Kathy - FL

I believe the wars on drugs and on terror, as well as the death penalty, are tools to subvert the Constitution. They fly in the face of Dwight Eisenhower's wise words: "Any who act as if freedom's defenses are to be found in suppression and suspicion and fear confess a doctrine that is alien to America." Ken - TX


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