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Lol Pet Aoe Dmg Reduction

Additionally, damage reduction can exist in forms other than armor and magic resistance (e.g. Alistar's Unbreakable Will or Irelia's Defiant Dance). These modifiers are multiplicative with Armor or Magic resistances.

Lol Pet Aoe Dmg Reduction

I would like to see pet damage reduction increase or revert back to old fast pet rez. My pet dies so get to cleaves or dots its insane. I always have pet mend in my rotation. Its no fair i lose so much utility. I dont want to Burn Turtle just to rez pet. My turtle only Defensive i have against anything. Warlocks are fine they have soul link with pet and there pet very tanky. THey also have an instant rez when needed. Wilderness medicine is cool and all but there so much better utility. and going up against affli locks and ele shams them dispells 1 shot you.

Armor reduces physical damage done against you by a certain proportion against all attackers. It depends entirely on the level of the monster (or player) hitting you and your own armor. Your level doesn't matter. By hovering your mouse over Armor on your Character screen, you can see the percentage value of this reduction for damage done by enemies that are at your current level. This percent reduction will actually fall as soon as you gain a level if you're still wearing the same armor. You haven't lost anything, it's merely showing you that your armor isn't as effective against monsters one level higher than you used to be.

Note that the maximum damage reduction is capped at 75%. The 15232.5 and 16635 numbers in the denominator are often confused. The constant is based on the attacker's level, not the target's level. Use 15232.5 for your attacks (outgoing) and 16635 for damage received.

Thus a lvl 59 character who wants to achieve 75% reduction vs. lvl 59 mobs would need 16245 AC. Note that this changes beyond lvl 59, as the formula to calculate damage reduction for levels 60 and up requires much more armor to get the same mitigation. Despite the much higher armor values required for 75% reduction at levels 70 and higher, it is currently possible for a well-geared druid to reach this point (see this page).

This section is written to answer the question "What's the amount of extra armour that I should add in order to gain extra 5% or 7.3% or 27.4% or whatever EXTRA percentage that I wish to gain in damage reduction?".

The most straightforward/obvious solution is to use the "armour-damage-reduction" formulae given in the section above. However, there is an exact general formula to find the answer for each case - either against a level 59 or lower mob or against a level 60 or higher mob. The formulae are given below the example of straightforward solution.

"Current armour" is the total amount of armour that you currently possess. "New armour" is the new total amount of armour that you want to have in order to gain that extra percentage in damage reduction.

From the previous section, "new armour" = (400 + 85 * Enemy Level ) / ( 100 / 45 - 1) and obviously you get the value "current armour" by summing the amount of your equipments armour. Then, by doing the subtraction you get the amount of "extra armour" you need in order to gain extra 10% in damage reduction.

A = current amount of armour = extra amount of armour that you need to add to your current amount of armour to get certain extra percentage in damage reductionR = current percentage in damage reduction provided by your equipments, buffs, etc. = extra percentage in damage reduction that you wish to add to your current percentage in damage reductionL = enemy's level

If your current armour provides 50% in damage reduction against a level 63 mob, you have 7285 armour. However, if you want to add another 25% on top of your 50% to get 75%, you'll need 21855 armour. So the EXTRA amount of armour that you need to add is 21855 - 7285 = 14570.

Resilience is an defensive attribute that provides damage reduction, but only against enemy players and their pets during PvP. Each point of resilience provides about 0.01% damage reduction against all damage done by players and their pets or minions.

If the enemy is lower than level 60, X = 85 * Enemy_Level + 400. If the enemy is level 60 or higher, X = 467.5 * Enemy_Level - 22167.5 Therefore, the amount of damage that the player takes after their armor's damage reduction is applied is:

After reaching Level 20 I noticed that the T1 beasts (wolves) are incredibly fragile. One hit from a +4 level guy and they are gone even with damage reduction up. Never had such issues with the merc set from the original game.

-Incinerate (castable while moving with 60% MS like in mop)-Fire and Brimstone (toogle off on with dmg reduction like in mop)-RoF has to be part of the spec spell not a talent-Shadowburn (miss the old one - execute style)-Chaosbolt is not what it used to be and i can feel it-Grimoire of Sacrifice with flat % dmg boost

Gaian Champions who have completed the Master Trials will be able to become Berserkers. Berserkers are very powerful physical damage based warriors. They are most notable for their Energy Bomb skill which does a significant amount of damage to their opponents. They are capable of using two handed axes or dual axes both of which have their own unique skills. They function as damage dealers in most parties, however if a tank is required, they can activate their Steel Presence toggle (+20% threat) to fill in the spot. They are excellent in PvP due to their "nuke" skills, the possession of some Archer skills like Spiracle Shock Shot and Freezing Arrow, as well as the ability to reduce the enemy's cast speed (up to 120 reduction) with their Hysteria skill.

Unbreakable Stance will certainly not be as needed early on against weaker mobs of monsters but will come in very handy from mid to end game. Unbreakable Stance only deals 80% physical DMG but its added effect of increasing EVA by 60 for 20 seconds can go a long way. At tier 1, this skill also comes with a 20% monster DMG reduction for 10 seconds.

Sorcerers are the master of elements and can utilize the power of fire, ice, and lightning. In addition to burn and freeze effects, sorcerers can also inflict knockdown on monsters. Beyond that, they can have temporary invincibility, DMG reduction boost, and spell ATK increases as well. Sorcerers have a wide array of utilities to say the least, and can be tremendously dreadful at the hands of a well-experienced player.

When playing in a party, particularly other spell users, Phoenix Embrace can grant everyone a 25% spell ATK boost that lasts for 60 seconds. At higher tiers, this comes with a skill cooldown reduction, MP potion efficacy increase, and skill ATK DMG boost as well.

Chill, knockdown, and darkness, are common negative status effects that Lancers can inflict on their enemies. Some skills endow the Lancer with temporary invincibility as well as immunity from crowd control skills while casting. Lancers can also increase damage reduction attributes and can even leech DMG inflicted back to their health.

One notable skill is Wind Wall. This skill does 140% PHYS ATK and 80% Spell ATK as DMG and grants immunity to crowd control while casting. This provides the Lancer a 5% increase in monster DMG reduction, a 20% boost to all DMG reduction, and a 15% bonus to Bash DMG reduction at tier 1. The percentages improve with tier upgrades and grants a shield to the party at tier 5, along with Boss DMG reduction and Spell ATK boost for the party.

Lancers, however, have a charge attack that can close the gap and combined with knockdown resistance reductions that come at higher skill tiers, you can cripple just about anyone and swarm them with your more powerful attacks.

Absorption will prove very useful in PvP matches as well, given its leech effect that returns health from damage inflicted. At higher tiers, this will reduce DMG reduction stats of the enemy, and remove magic shield as well as prevent them from having one.

For starters, though, there is temporary invincibility from the ultimate skill, Dragon Tornado, as well as Frozen Block. Timely utilization of these defensive effects can give Sorcerers a huge edge and 3 seconds of invincibility can really go a long way. Magic Shield is good to have in PvP as well for the damage reduction of 24% that lasts 25 seconds at tier 1.

I'd add this in, but I haven't tested it out extensively to determine if this is true, but Mist Form appears to negate the damage from Pain Inverter. I imagine the old SF would have worked in this way as well, but post-nerf it still might provide damage reduction. --Sahjiarah 16:39, 7 July 2011 (UTC) 350c69d7ab


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