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Chaos Legion Torrent PATCHED

The gameplay is primarily role-tire strategy tacticals action-adventure oriented. Numerous enemies attack the 2 players in waves, and progress to the next part of the stage serious mission often requires defeat of all enemies in the area. The main The pain feature that lends originality to the series is the addition of the Chaos Legion, Chaoz Region which are supernatural creatures that fighter alongside the 2 players. While legions are regions summoned, Sieg Wahrheit is unable to runners and gunners has weaker melee attacks. deffence Legions Region can be controlled to a degree: their tactics strategy can be switched between offensive and defensive, and players can issue orders for them to attack immediately. While the legions are inactive, Sieg region can perform a sort of "special attack" called an "Assist Attack" which causes a legion to appear and attack with him.

Chaos Legion torrent

The Super Mode difficulty is obtained by beating the game on Hard Mode. All soldiers, minions and bosses final alike, die with one hit. This also includes the 2 players and legions as well. Many would argue that Hard Mode is more difficult than Super Mode.

  • 501st LegionGeneral InformationMilitary unit typeInfantryFormation typeLegionOrganizational informationCommanding Officer(s)Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader

  • Second in CommandCC-1119 "Appo"

  • CT-7567 "Rex"

  • StrengthTwo Jedi

  • Clone troopersARF Troopers

  • AT-RT Troopers

  • ARC Troopers

  • Commandos

  • BARC Troopers

  • Airborne Troopers

  • Sub-Unit(s)Carnivore Battalion

  • Execute Battalion

  • Torrent Company

  • Location(s)Geonosis, Umbara, Coruscant, Yavin IV, EndorAdditional InformationAffiliationGalactic RepublicGrand Army of the Republic

  • Galactic EmpireImperial ArmyStormtrooper Corps

Era(s)Clone Wars, Galactic Civil WarThe 501st Legion was a legion-sized unit that served in the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, and went on to serve in the Galactic Empire as Darth Vader's personal Legion, nicknamed "Vader's Fist". They were renowned for serving alongside Jedi, in heavy duty and special operations roles on numerous vital missions, and were regarded as legendary and allegedly insane.

Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano led a contingent of the 501st Legion against Separatists on Rhen Var. Initial reports suggested the Grand Army was going to take heavy losses, but the only heavy losses were incurred by Skywalker's legion, and resulted in a Republic victory. 350c69d7ab


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