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[S2E8] Moon Shadow

  • Now that Sweeney's gone himself the way of the dead, Laura's got a coin with no owner and a resurrection potion with no love-infused blood. Dead Wife has to forge her own path and with Mama-Ji's advice ringing in her ears, she will be a wild card in the power struggle to come.5.Mr. Nancy Flies His Rage FlagOrlando Jones has been a supernatural force of godly intent on American Gods Season 2. Despite throwing in with Wednesday and the Old Gods, he has been working a side gig with Mr. Ibis and Bilquis, promoting a personal agenda to right the injustices done to their followers of African descent. While Wednesday tends to the calm, nonchalant approach, Nancy is a simmering brew of sarcasm and deep rage. He may fight for the Old Gods while the New Gods are a threat but he will not bend the knee to the European Gods but rather stand as equals. That may be a problem.6.Mama-Ji the Destroyer Lets LooseAfter the death of Zorya, Wednesday puts his best foot forward in courting the allegiance of Mama-Ji, counting on her to be one of the generals on the battlefield. Despite her domesticated appearance, she reveals her Kali face to Laura when Shadow's dead wife presumes that her revenant powers hold a candle to the Hindu goddess of destruction. Perhaps it is the subtle way she manifests her multiple arms and weapons, or perhaps it's seeing her holding Laura's own decapitated head that sets Ms. Moon's proper respect in place. If the finale has any battle scenes in store, Mama-Ji is guaranteed to be the bloodiest participant of them all.7.New Media Does Something WeirdNot much of a prediction, I know. From orgasming emojis to Miku-miming her worshippers into a frenzy in virtual reality, New Media has been the manifestation of millennial ADHD. Although she's (currently) Mr. World's most powerful weapon, we've seen how quickly he changes horses and so has she. It's a sure bet that she'll want to retain dominance over his "new friend" so she'll develop some new tricks ASAP.8.Technical Boy Gets a RebootAlthough officially "retired" by Mr. World on American Gods Season 2 Episode 4, we saw that Technical Boy had a long evolution in America and that leads me to believe that Mr. World has plans to roll out a newer, shinier, lemon-scented version before the war begins in earnest. A mash-up of Technical Boy and Argus would be of the most use.9.Mr. Wednesday Has RegretsIt goes against everything we know about him and plays to the part of our emotional make-up that wants to humanize all human-looking characters, but I would like to see Mr. Wednesday express some modicum of remorse for SOMETHING.10.Mr. World Gets All the ToysAs the God of Globalization, the Great Unifier, Mr. World has a surprisingly difficult time getting ahead of the menagerie of Old Gods intent on going old school on his reign. Although he manages to keep Money from throwing in with Wednesday's lot, he seems to lurk a lot in Blackbriar for the majority of American Gods Season 2. I predict he'll come out swinging on the finale with an arsenal of high-tech weaponry and tools while directing New Media to bleed her worshippers dry to fuel the lot. The big reveal, of course, will be the "new friend" from the boys in the Valley.11.Shadow's Purpose Is RevealedNo spoilers from the book but Shadow's suspected (as have we all) throughout American Gods Season 2 that he was hired for more than his chauffeuring and bodyguarding skills. Ever since signing on with Mr. Wednesday, he's been hunted by New Gods, haunted by weird visions, reunited with his dead wife (only to have her wander away again), and borne witness to the meetings of gods, dwarves, and genies.It's likely that he'll face repercussions for breaking his word to Mad Sweeney as well as for losing Gungnir but his role in Wednesday's war will definitely be more important than either the leprechaun or the spear.Wait! There's more! 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Mr. World causes a national panic.","potentialAction":["@type":"WatchAction","target":"@type":"EntryPoint","urlTemplate":" -gods/full-episodes/season-2/moon-shadow/","inLanguage":"en","actionPlatform":[" "," "," "," "," "],"expectsAcceptanceOf":["@type":"Offer","category":"free","availabilityStarts":"2019-04-28T00:00","availabilityEnds":"2024-03-29T00:00","eligibleRegion":["@type":"Country","name":"US"]]],"image":"@type":"ImageObject","url":",f_auto,g_auto,h_1000,q_auto,w_667/v1553055555/the-jinn-and-salim-american-gods-s2e8","height":1000,"width":6674/28/19American Gods Season 2 Episode 8Moon ShadowSlideshows

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[S2E8] Moon Shadow

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The mysterious girl called Usagi, later nicknamed Chibiusa, demands the Silver Crystal from Usagi and later incorporates herself into Usagi's family using hypnotism. Meanwhile, a shady group, who call themselves the Black Moon Clan appear as well. Following the advise of a shadowy figure named Wiseman, they plan to invade Earth and find and kill Chibiusa (the Clan only calls her "Rabbit"). Sailors Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter each get abducted by Koan, Berthier, and Petz of the Black Moon Clan, respectively, while trying to stop them. Sailor Moon, Venus and Tuxedo Mask are told by Chibiusa that she is from the future and only they can save her home from the Black Moon Clan. Chibiusa uses the Space-Time Key to open the path to the future, where they meet the Guardian of the Underworld, the Protector of the Door of Space and Time and Chibiusa's friend, Sailor Pluto. When they reach the future known as Crystal Tokyo, they find it in ruins from the Black Moon Clan's attacks.

A few days later, Usagi, Ami, Makoto, Rei and Minako have all enrolled in Juban High School and discuss their respective interests and future careers, with Mamoru as a first-year university student. Chibiusa and Diana appear, ready to return home to the 30th century. In the papers, a solar eclipse is occurring that day, which sparks Usagi's curiosity. Using eclipse glasses, she and Chibiusa look on at the moon beginning to cover the sun as the place gets darker, then they both hear a sound of a bell. As they turn around, rose petals fly across them and the screen turns pitch black.

The Collector is a short humanoid being with childlike features. He has tan, yellow skin, bushy white hair and eyebrows, an upward-pointing nose, and a large pale blue blotch that eclipses the left side of his face, giving the right side the appearance of a crescent moon shape. The Collector's eyes are yellow and have narrow pupils with scarlet irises. His left leg also appears to be pale blue.

The Collector wears full-body clothing resembling pajamas with an oversized collar and sleeves. His clothes are split between dark blue on the right and periwinkle-gray on the left. The sleeves have these colors switched, with the right sleeve being periwinkle with blue suns and the left sleeve being blue with periwinkle crescent moons, as well as a magenta border on the rims of the cuffs. His head has a nightcap with a magenta border and light spots like stars and wears dark blue shoes with light gray poms on them.

Philip made a bargain with The Collector: in exchange for Philip freeing The Collector from his prison, The Collector will help Philip with his goal of eradicating the inhabitants of the Boiling Isles. The Collector would appear to Philip in the form of a shadow so long as the tablet was intact, and taught Philip all he knew about magic, which Philip would eventually master. As time goes on, Philip adopts the image of Emperor Belos, and together with The Collector, they concocted their complex plot of draining all life on the Boiling Isles on the Day of Unity.[6][2] 041b061a72


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