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developers: lockheed martin (lsm) is the prime contractor for the f-35, the variant of the aircraft being developed for the us air force by the f-35 joint strike fighter programme. lockheed martin is also responsible for the f-22 raptor, a second-generation stealth aircraft.

with the introduction of the f-35 lightning ii program, lockheed martin's total f-35 business is approximately 17 billion dollars (usd). this includes the f-35a/b standard production fleet deliveries through the mid-2010s. the f-35 lightning ii has a production run of over 160 aircraft.

the f-35 lightning ii has been over 20 years in development.the first flight of the f-35 took place on june 29, 2001, and first flight from the lockheed martin factory was on april 8, 2006.the f-35 program includes five aircraft variants and started production in december 2006. it is not known which variant will enter service with the u.s. air force.

along with the f-22 raptor, this is the most controversial stealth fighter currently under development, due to its engine, and is controversial due to its cost.some have claimed that japan or israel may have designs on acquiring or developing variants of the su-57, but no official confirmation has been 2007, officials from u.s. and nato-led coalition released their international joint assessment team report which states that the f-35 is not "the only solution for air dominance".


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