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The Best Nostalgia Music Playlists for Every Mood and Occasion

Consider the growing use of reddit in the DJ community. Reddit is a website that invites users to post or comment on posts (either photos or videos) that they find interesting. On the first day that foursquare had over 100,000 check-ins, 4% were to Redit, and many of them were DJs. Rave culture is on the rise, with several spin-off events, gear and even youtube channels popping up all across the world. Free music on the other hand is still a mass phenomenon. At any one time, reddit posts in the top 10 will usually have at least 10 threads with free music in them. Theres no other way for a DJ to rack up all those thousands of views on his page, and at the same time find a song that can stand up to his CD collection.

Nostalgija Mp3 Muzika Free Downl

Download-only albums and mixes have proven to be the most popular genre of free music on the internet. We dont think thats so much because many DJs arent paid enough or dont make enough music that they cant afford to offer their fans the download version instead of streaming their music, and we dont think that its a lack of products from labels offering the download-only version. We think its due to the fact that these mixes represent a snapshot in time; theyre a compilation of music that was chosen for one reason or another. And they tend to be quite variable - the same artists in the same order, but with different sets of tracks every time. This makes for a particularly interesting listening experience.

The other thing is that records are a beautiful, tactile thing. Theyre a mark of this years music, and have been used as a signalling device to converse with friends about the music you like. Downloads represent that sumptuous experience just as equally.


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