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Gintama Episode 13

Both Sket Dance and Gintama are gag series about people trying to help each other. Both have a protagonist who seems like a good-for-nothing but really cares about his friends, and both sometimes stop the hilarious comedy for a serious or really sad episode. Oh, and both ran in Shonen Jump, so both have the common themes of "friendship, hard work, and victory".

Gintama Episode 13

This episode was pretty much about guardians fighting to become the sports festival winners. Guardians even have some awesome powers. They can combine and form a hybrid guardian to help their masters.

I enjoyed how the episode starts off by switching back and forth between humor and seriousness. One example is Gi-Ja, the White Dragon, wanting to incur his wrath on the people that wanted to kidnap the titular Yona.

On the other hand, I was hoping to see more hand-to-hand action, which got me excited about watching Yona of the Dawn in the first place. You can catch this episode and the other 12 episodes on Crunchyroll and FUNimation.

The next list will be with all filler episodes removed. This will help accelerate your viewing by removing episodes unnecessary to the main story. The movies and OVAs will be removed from the list.

Below, you will find a list of mixed canon episodes only. Mixed canon episodes include some of the events from the manga, but will include more dialogue and events to help bridge things between the manga and anime.

Below, you will find a list of filler episodes only. Should you want to view the filler episodes, the list will identify exactly which episodes you should watch. Since there is no bearing on the main story, you can view them at your leisure.

Yes, you can watch Gintama without reading the manga. If you want to keep with only the story from the manga, then stick with the Gintama manga canon episodes list in our Gintama watch guide.

After taking a week off and hoping The Bad Batch would improve, it did, but not by much. Episode 12 was better than the terrible episode 11, but 13 slips right back up. At the very least, episode 13 did feature our main characters for the majority of the episode.

With three movies and four OVAs, the series hosts a surprisingly small filler list of only 22 episodes out of 367 episodes. This is much better than other shows like Dragon Ball and Naruto, which have much higher filler percentages regarding their overall series.

This part of the list concerns episodes that are canon to the manga. This means episodes that only cover what happens in the manga. As such, this helps to quicken the viewing experience by skipping unnecessary episodes, including those that mix manga and anime together and the movies likewise.

This section contains only the mixed canon episodes of the show. Mixed canon episodes are basically episodes that mix elements of the manga, with more dialog, action, or other events to help bridge the gap between the manga and anime.

As much as many anime fans may dread the very idea of filler episodes, the section will identify said episodes in case one wishes to watch them. Sometimes people like episodes that are made in the vein of giving the manga time to catch up. 041b061a72


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