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Silent Install Builder 6.0.7 ?

chaosmonk, Magic Banana Hi If I install Trisquel (Mate desktop) or Triskel (KDE desktop) It's possible that I didn't have this problem I thought maybe this is a bug only in Trisquel mini or there is no different between the versions Sorry I bother you again, because reinstalling again is hard to me. reinstalling system is takes so many time. I have to say I had the same problem in Parabola and Hyperbola. I hate my computer.. thanks.

Silent Install Builder 6.0.7 –

Just add all the plugins that you want to the list, then enter parameters for your products. When all the plugins are added, click 'Generate', and when the package is finished, you can delete the temporary directory where it was stored and paste it in the location you want to install it. Then just run the installer and your are good to go.

Silent Install Builder has been updated and a lot of the bugs have been fixed. The update is quite substantial as it also adds a lot of new features. This is a completely new product, built with the MFA template.

With Silent Install Builder you can create silent installs of your WordPress site, using the mfa template, not allowing visitors to see the installation. These can be installed using the wp-cli or by running the installer. Simply add your content and license via the web interface.

Silent Install Builder is an update to the last version of Silent Install Builder, Silent Install Builder 6.1. Our plugin generates a silent WordPress install that allows you to set your license key, choose your packages, and then run the command to install your theme.


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