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Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary 18 (2011) !!HOT!! Full Version

At the time of the publication of the 16th edition, a CD-ROM disk (compatible with Windows but not with Apple computers) was produced which contains the full contents of the dictionary together with a recording of each headword, in British and American pronunciation. The recorded pronunciations can be played by clicking on a loudspeaker icon. A "sound search" facility is included to enable users to search for a particular phoneme or sequence of phonemes. Most of the recordings were made by actors or editorial staff. The recordings were completely revised for the 18th edition.

Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary 18 (2011) full version

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The dictionary transcribes all inflected forms for all entries (for an example, see pictureto the right). This is a great featurefor beginner learners who often have difficulty pronouncing the -s or-ed word endings. By consulting the EPD, they can quickly learn that e.g.kits is pronounced /kɪts/, butkids is pronounced /kɪdz/.

In English. A dictionary of biographical names. Gives pronunciations for each entry in American English, in a set of phonetic symbols specific to Merriam-Webster. Includes pronouncing lists of name elements, titles, and prenames in addition to the main biographical entries.

In Portuguese. In the main body of this work, the author discusses the sounds of European Portuguese and proposes a standard transcription. Includes a pronouncing dictionary of Portuguese place names in IPA and SAMPA. 350c69d7ab


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