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Buy Clothing Tags Online

Look no further for clothing labels because Wunderlabel has what you need. Designing custom clothing labels has never been easier. Personalized and custom clothing labels lend a uniqueness to your brand and helps it stand out from the rest. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas and possibilities for you to create your very own branding story. Upload your own logo or create your own design by using our online design configurator.

buy clothing tags online

The advantages of having personalized clothing labels are many! Brand recognition is a big one. Creating a branding story is important when considering which custom woven clothing labels are right for your creations. Consider what you will be using them for, where and how they will be attached and what other branding materials you may need.

What are my options? When considering what to order, think about which products fit into your branding plan. Maybe you need iron on clothing labels to make attaching the clothing label tags a bit easier. Or maybe you need sew on clothing labels for a sophisticated and finished look. That is the beauty of a custom label for clothing, you design it to your exact needs. Keep in mind that often a combination of labels for clothing are used to create the desired effect. Other products that are often combined with clothing labels are:

The obvious choice for custom clothing labels is to use them in a retail setting. We make it easy for small or large businesses to take advantage of all of our design possibilities by offering very low minimum order quantities. This means that no matter the size of your business, the same design possibilities are available to you.

Our intuitive design process makes it easy to translate your ideas into professional, personalized clothing labels, and tags. You can choose from hundreds of available shapes, sizes, and creative elements. It is possible to order woven labels for sewing on clothing, bags, home goods, and much more. And if you need any help along the way, our dedicated support team is ready to help you out with whatever you need.

Our advanced Woven Clothing Label design upload tools let you customize your labels and tags with nearly limitless possibilities. All you have to do is provide us with your design, your desired options and we take care of the rest.

Our custom hang tags are made from professional quality 280 gsm Bristol Board that can be printed single or double-sided. All of our Hang Tags are printed, cut and hole punched for cordage making them easy to attach to your items. We even offer our own cord that we will pre-attach for you saving you hours of tedious labor.

You can design your Hang Tags with our online design tool or upload your own design - just like Woven Labels. Our Hang Tags are a standardized size and shape in order to keep them affordable for small to medium crafters while still delivering a top quality craft branding product.

With our easy online label making tools, you can design your own label easily, or you can upload your own already created design. Whether you're looking for a personalized label for clothing or a care label with all the right instructions, our easy tools help you to create the perfect finishing touch to any creation in mere minutes. It's never been easier to create the best clothing labels that fit your aesthetics and personality using our online garment label maker. We are the right place to turn a custom woven label into anything from t-shirt labels to quilt labels to whatever other custom woven label option you need. And when you're ready to add laundry labels to your finished product, we have you covered.

Dutch Label Shop is the go-to clothing label manufacturer for label orders of all sizes. With a low minimum amount of labels, you can easily create labels for everything from personal gifts, to Etsy shops, to online shops, to wholesale orders. If you're looking for a large number of labels for a wholesale order, we have you covered. Please contact our support, and we'll find the best solution for wholesale garment labels.

Whatever design you have in mind, our clothing label maker, makes it look exactly as you want at Super Label Store from fully personalized clothing labels to custom sewing labels to iron on clothing labels. You can easily order your custom woven labels and sew on clothing labels online now. Buy and create high quality clothing label tags online at Check here how it works.

Clothing labels are tags made of fabric, cotton, or polyester threads, that can be sewn or ironed with some adhesive material onto clothing or other textile products to display information such as brand name, size, logo, and care instructions.

You can buy clothing labels in a local fabric or label shop nearby. Another option is to order your labels in an online label shop on You can easily design your own custom clothing labels in minutes with online design tools like

Most clothing labels are woven or printed and made of polyester, cotton, or satin. Custom clothing labels can be designed in minutes using an online design tool. Labels can be sewn or ironed onto the garment with an adhesive.

Iron-on clothing labels are an affordable and easy way to identify clothing items. To apply them, heat up the iron to the correct temperature and press it firmly onto the label for 10-15 seconds with a pressing parchment square or thin, dry-pressing cloth. Verify the iron temperature, allow the garment, and label to cool before peeling off the parchment paper.

NameMaker specializes in manufacturing small and large quantities of personalized clothing labels, including iron-on and sew on labels, cotton woven labels and more. With a minimum purchase of just 10 iron-on personalized clothing labels, we're the economical solution for all your custom label needs, both large and small. Our labels are a great accent to all your creative projects, especially for custom clothing lines.

Whether you've made a custom garment for a loved one, or you produce designer products for sale, your custom clothing deserves an equally beautiful label. Let us help you find the perfect finishing touch with printed woven label options including:

Our custom-printed clothing labels are available in various fabrics, including linen and cotton, and we offer a wide assortment of colors and text styles. Choose from dozens of unique designs and styles, or upload a design to create your own custom iron-on clothing labels. Machine washable and dry clean friendly, our labels and will last the life of your custom-made clothing.

Our iron-on personalized clothing labels are the perfect way to give your designs an authentic feel. Our labels are often used to identify the owner of a piece of clothing, especially in situations where clothes can be easily mixed up. The following are a few simple, no-fuss ways you can attach your new clothing labels:

Our custom labels for clothing are 100% customizable and feature laundry-safe fabric. Browse our selection of personalized clothing labels, iron-on or sew-in, and contact us with any questions. We can even send you a printed sample or email you a photo of your iron-on personalized clothing labels before we run your entire order. Costs will vary due to equipment and set up times. In addition, press proofs can add additional time to your turnaround time. If you would simply like an emailed digital proof, the fee is just $10 per proof.

Want to see a few labels in person? We will send you up to three complementary, non-customized stock samples so you can experience the incredible quality for yourself. This is a great way to color match for a specific material or brand standard. Simply email us at with the clothing label colors you're interested in seeing. Please note, expedited samples and those that are shipped outside the U.S. will pay shipping fees.

Xpresa Labels is US supplier of custom woven labels clothing label, and printed tags. We are one of the first and most respected producers of quality labels used for clothing, apparel, garments, used for all industries including decor, fashion, industrial, and brand identification.

Lot numbers did not cease use around 1979, as can be seen by your Casadei label posted on this same page showing clearly a copyright date of 1982 and a lot number tag. In fact, lot numbers are found for many decades following 1982. Please correct that information as many readers actually misdate clothing due to that misinformation.

Congratulations! You have decided to take your branding to the next level, and we're so glad you're here! Our custom clothing labels, hang tags, stickers and ribbon are the perfect way to promote your brand identifcation and to give your project that finished touch.

We are constantly in awe of the talent of our customers. The creativity and passion for creating is such a gift! We know that labeling and branding these handmade items is important and that's something we take very seriously. We know your creations deserve only the best, and the best is what we promise. From clothing labels to laundry labels to hang tags and ribbon, every single design is produced meticuously because your hard work deserves it!

Labels need to be eye catching as well as functional and our products are just that! We offer an assortment of fabric labels, hang tags, stickers and ribbon which are the perfect way to promote your brand identity. Personalising a label for any of your projects is as easy as 1-2-3 with our online design tool. Using your own logo or artwork is also possible. The sky truly is the limit! And, all of our labels are easily paired to create winning label combinations. Not sure where to start, our professional customer service and design team is here to help you every step of the way. Let's create something great!

If you are retailer for clothing line then you must be aware that no clothing line can be complete without the most important clothing tag or the clothing labels. For a retailer dealing in clothing items security tags on clothes are most basic items that billboard in the fashion world. Since designers whether small or big have their own brand and branded insignia it is most and absolute for every clothing line to have clothing tags. If you are looking for retail theft prevention techniques then choosing the right security tags is a must.You can buy these checkpoint compatible security tags on clothes in bulk or get them custom made from online stores. In order to prevent theft in your store it is necessary that you buy these in bulk from a reliable online stores that has some interesting decorative holograms, hang tags, stickers, metal labels, and more. You must ensure that along with the best quality, top security tags are also affordable. When you use these tags on the clothes they protect them till the clothing security tags are removed by the special device. This form of security gives your clothes protection and relief to the manufacturers as well as the retailers.Purchasing the perfect custom clothing tags manufactured professionally and supplied for use by large manufacturers and designers are available online at portals that sell and offer these form of wide range of clothing tags. Security tag removers are provided along with these tags as they are useless without the removers.From a security point of view, RFID tags are the best tags that are radio frequency identification tags. It is a kind of chip with information stored on it. After the clothing item is bought by customer the employee waves it in front of a station that acts as a receiver and transmits the radio frequency required to activate the RFID tag. 041b061a72


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