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Xcom Long War Best Starting Countryl

But there are many other starting countries that will add some variety to the game. Unfortunately, some countries have a great bonus (Australia, Russia) but are painfully far from their continent HQ, and that will sometimes mean a UFO is able to escape in March. North America is the best starting continent, but any continent is manageable. Below I discuss a few of the most popular starting countries, grouping them into rough categories.

Xcom Long War Best Starting Countryl

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To obtain a continent bonus you need to have a satellite deployed in every country within that continent. Unlike the vanilla game, you no longer acquire your starting continent's bonus from the beginning of the game; instead, you receive a "country starting bonus".

The last thing you're probably looking for in a tips article is for someone to tell you to do some pre-game planning (HRNNNNNGG), but for real: do some pre-game planning. You're not going to be able to save every country unless you pull off some David Blaine street magic. Look at the satellite bonuses of each region and decide what's most important to you, and know ahead of time which countries you're willing to sacrifice. I recommend choosing Africa as your starting country, as the 30 percent increase to your monthly income will prove invaluable, especially early on. Europe and Asia provide some of the best passive bonuses for maximum satellite coverage, so you should probably protect those as best you can, too. 350c69d7ab


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