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Stalker Lost Alpha Weapon Mods

Stalker Lost Alpha Weapon Mods

Stalker Lost Alpha is a mod for the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl, which aims to recreate the original vision of the developers before the game was released in 2007. The mod features a new storyline, new locations, new quests, new characters, new weapons, and more. One of the aspects that makes Stalker Lost Alpha stand out is the variety and customization of weapons that the player can use in the harsh and dangerous environment of the Zone.

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In this article, we will explore some of the weapon mods that are available for Stalker Lost Alpha, and how they enhance the gameplay experience. We will focus on three categories of weapon mods: balance, scope, and texture.

Balance Mods

Balance mods are mods that change the stats and performance of the weapons in the game, such as damage, accuracy, recoil, weight, durability, etc. These mods aim to make the weapons more realistic, balanced, and fun to use. Some examples of balance mods are:

  • : This mod changes the stats of all game weapons and their upgrades for better balance and gun play experience. It also adds new ammo types and tweaks some weapon sounds. The mod does not require a new game to work.

  • : This mod is an upgraded version of the PRM Weapon Pack, which adds new weapons, sights, and dynamic collimators from Anomaly mod. It also adapts the STCoP WP scope mount system, which allows the player to attach different scopes to different weapons. The mod includes an unofficial patch for 1.4005 Lost Alpha DC to 1.4006, aka Gameplay DLC 1.6.

  • : This mod increases the damage of all weapons to match the values from Escape from Tarkov, a realistic online shooter game. The mod makes the combat more lethal and challenging, as well as rewarding good aim and tactics.

Scope Mods

Scope mods are mods that change the appearance and functionality of the scopes in the game, such as zoom level, reticle shape, color, etc. These mods aim to make the scopes more immersive, diverse, and useful. Some examples of scope mods are:

  • : This mod replaces the main menu music with Immortality by Gamardah Fungus, which was used in a LADC atmospheric demonstration video before. The mod creates a more eerie and mysterious mood for the game.

  • : This mod prevents controllers from crashing your game when they use their psy aura attack. The mod fixes a bug that causes the game to freeze or crash when a controller tries to sway your camera.

  • : This mod removes the camera sway effect caused by controllers' psy aura. The mod makes the combat against controllers less annoying and disorienting.

Texture Mods

Texture mods are mods that change the graphics and quality of the textures in the game, such as weapon models, skins, environment details, etc. These mods aim to make the game look more beautiful, realistic, and atmospheric. Some examples of texture mods are:

  • : This mod replaces most of the textures in the game with high-resolution ones that create a more desolate and abandoned atmosphere for the Zone. The mod also adds some new models and effects.

  • : This mod adds new images to the TVs in Lost Alpha DC 1.4007. The mod makes the TVs more interesting and varied.

  • : This mod is a complete Spanish translation of the latest version of Lost Alpha (1.4.007) and Extended (7792). The mod makes the game more accessible and enjoyable for Spanish-speaking players.


Stalker Lost Alpha is a mod that offers a lot of content and features for fans of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. However, the mod can be further improved and customized with the help of other mods that change the balance, scope, and texture of the weapons in the game. These mods can enhance the gameplay experience and make the Zone more immersive, diverse, and fun to explore. Whether you prefer realistic, challenging, or beautiful weapons, there is a mod for you.



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