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3. Watertight doors from the crew's ready room to G-203 were open for ventilation when the vessel rolled over and water rose very rapidly. In order to avoid flooding of the lower compartments, the master ordered all watertight doors closed and waited for a lull. After about 10 minutes the ship began to list to port. The water was on the port side of the main deck and the port bow was not accessible. The ship was thus prevented from being taken under tow. The list increased, the port head lost, and the ship capsized at 0100 on 24 October 1943. The ship sank at 0130, her master, 34 crewmen, and 4 gunners lost and the ship's boat was lost. The 800 pounds of ammunition in the pouches was salvaged from the ocean water and hauled into the vessel's compartment. Not much salvage was reported of ships stores and personal effects.

virtual engine room 4.5 crack

11. Eighteen days were required to drydock the ship and pump out all water, using a 60HP engine room pump. The rudder stock was hoisted, the rudder moved aft to a point on the gunnel and various stores were stowed in ARD 19. A torpedo hatch was opened up to allow access to stores aft of the shells. All doors and hatches were dogged. The crane was lowered from ARD 19 to ARD 12 to remove the protective plate as it was used to secure and distribute the weight of the shell.

2. Beginning at 0330, November 17, the search was suspended because of low fuel and weak engine power. Also, the battery bank was barely providing enough current for the ignition and key for testing. At 0400, when fuel was again available, ERIE was searched again in daylight. Upon completion of the second search at 0700, engines were started and running as follows. Engine room power was from about 20 to 30 amps.


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