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Owl City Always (Lyrics) _HOT_

Lights' 2013 album Siberia Acoustic features reworked acoustic versions of songs off the Canadian singer/songwriter's 2011 studio album, Siberia. Although Lights normally makes electronic pop that often features electric guitars, keyboards, and dance-influenced beats, she is at her core a melodic singer/songwriter. Not surprisingly, many of the songs on Siberia, like "Banner," "Where the Fence Is Low," "Toes," and "...And Counting," lend themselves to these intimate re-recordings. Lights also has a sweet, resonant voice that, while always sounding great in her usual electronic arrangements, is quite well suited to these stripped-down versions. Here, Lights plays guitar and piano on each track, allowing her vocals and heartfelt lyrics to take center stage. Backing vocals and the occasional cello accompaniment also help to add dramatic tension and create a lush, relaxed atmosphere. Besides reworking these songs, Lights also duets with Owl City on the title track and Coeur de Pirate on "Peace Sign." Whereas on the original album Lights packed each track with gigantic-sounding overdriven synth parts and pulsing drumbeats, here she leaves plenty of breathing room for her vocals, melodies, and lyrics to settle into your ears and warm your soul.

Owl City ~ Always (Lyrics)



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