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Boudoir And Glamour Photography - 1000 Poses Fo...

Boudoir photography is becoming more and more popular. This form of intimate portrait requires a unique mix of photography skills. There is an element of fine art, glamour and fashion photography, and standard portraits. But boudoir stands alone as a niche in photography because it speaks to the private lives of everyday people.

Boudoir And Glamour Photography - 1000 Poses Fo...

What does your client want to show? If your client wants to show off their legs and hips, find poses that emphasize those things. When posing women, focus on soft curves. Bent limbs, an arched back, or a twisted torso can be used to highlight curves and postures. Men are different and should be posed differently. Try to show a sharp, strong jawline and a vee-shaped torso, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Posing couples boudoir photography requires a little more work. Take your time and get both poses right, but the guidelines applying to men and women above do not change.

Boudoir requires a bit more planning and research when compared to other forms of photography. It also requires the most intimate and professional relationship with your client. The unique mix of skills, from creative, technical, and interpersonal, means that boudoir is not for every photographer. For those that master it, however, it is a truly modern fine art.

KISSED BY LIGHT photo is a Toronto boudoir studio run by female photographer and digital artist. Our studio offers a range of sensual female photography services including lingerie, glamour and boudoir. In our style we are trying to blend the most desirable aspects of photo artistry: sophistication, emotion, and sensuality to create timeless pieces of art to be enjoyed and cherished. 041b061a72


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