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Mars Attacks _BEST_

Mars Attacks is a science fiction-themed trading card series released in 1962 by Topps. The cards feature artwork by science fiction artists Wally Wood and Norman Saunders.[2] The cards form a story arc, which tells of the invasion of Earth by cruel, hideous Martians under the command of a corrupt Martian government who conceal the fact from the Martian populace that Mars is doomed to explode and, therefore, proposes colonization of Earth to turn it into their new homeworld. The cards depict futuristic battle scenes and bizarre methods of Martian attack, torture and slaughter of humans, as well as various Earth nations being attacked. The story concludes with an expeditionary force of humans volunteering to embark on a counterattack on Mars, in which the Earth force attacks the Martians in their manner (bayoneting and bullets). This necessitates the Martians that are still on Mars to defend their homeworld. The Earth attack forces, after destroying the Martian cities and killing the Martians, depart just before Mars is destroyed in the predicted cataclysm, thus ensuring the peace and safety of Earth as the Martian race is seemingly doomed to extinction.

Mars Attacks

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"By attacking the food supply of the world, the Martians hoped that they would be able to bring the Earth to its knees. The leaders of the invasion ordered the saucers to destroy all of the animals and farm land that existed. Sweeping over the nations of the world, the saucers destroyed acre after acre of wheat land. Animals were burnt to death by the searing heat rays that the Martians fired. Farmers stood by watching helplessly as cows, horses and chickens were destroyed. Trying to save as much of the livestock as possible, farmers hid the animals in shelters and barns. Some of the animals were kept in the family's own living quarters to keep them safe from the attacks."

Following on from my recent post about when attacks hit CloudFlare, here's a follow up looking at where they come from. Or at least where they say they come from. Looking at attack statistics for the month of July 2012 the largest source of attacks is Mars.

We see vast numbers of attacks with IP addresses such as (apparently from inside a network), (apparently from inside the machine that's being attacked--spooky), (inside a corporate network), and (used on a local, private link).

Because these addresses are invalid on the public Internet when we build our attack statistics they appear as an invalid network. Looking at the top, potentially spoofed, networks that attack CloudFlare shows that invalid accounts for 23% of attacks, followed by 3.45% from (apparently) China Telecom, 2.14% from China Unicom, 1.74% from Comcast, 1.45% from Dreamhost and 1.36% from WEBNX. And then, on and on, for 37,284 different networks around the world. With a total of 41,838 networks, we've apparently been attacked during July by 89% of the networks on (this) planet.

And in some cases the IP address is legitimate but actually the IP address of an innocent victim. In the case of DNS or SNMP reflection attacks where a legitimate DNS or SNMP server is fooled into sending packets to attack CloudFlare, the source IP address is a real server. CloudFlare sees a great number of reflection attacks against our DNS infrastructure.

Worse, reflection attacks also have an amplification effect as well. Since a DNS query packet can be very small (60 bytes, for example) and the reply much larger (e.g. 512 bytes), it's possible for an attacker to amplify the bandwidth available to them by sending thousands of small packets to DNS servers which respond to the CloudFlare server with a large packet. That means that the attacker uses a small amount of outgoing bandwidth to hit CloudFlare at a much greater rate. 041b061a72


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