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Two Princesses of Bamarre: A Sisterly Adventure in a Magical World (EPUB)

Two Princesses of Bamarre: A Fantasy Novel by Gail Carson Levine

If you are looking for a captivating and enchanting fantasy novel to read, you might want to check out Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine. This book tells the story of two sisters who embark on a perilous quest to save their kingdom from a deadly disease. Along the way, they encounter monsters, magic, and romance. In this article, we will give you an overview of the plot, themes, reviews, and epub download of this amazing book.

two princesses of bamarre epub download

The Plot of Two Princesses of Bamarre

The story revolves around Addie and Meryl, two princesses who live in Bamarre, a kingdom that is constantly under attack by various creatures such as ogres, gryphons, specters, and dragons. Addie is shy and timid, while Meryl is brave and adventurous. Addie prefers to stay in the safety of the castle, while Meryl dreams of becoming a hero who will slay all the monsters and free Bamarre from their terror.

However, their lives change when Meryl contracts the Gray Death, a mysterious illness that has no known cure and kills anyone who catches it within a week. Addie is devastated by her sister's condition and decides to do something she has never done before: leave the castle and find a cure for Meryl. She is aided by Rhys, a young sorcerer who works for the king. Together, they follow a prophecy that leads them to various places and challenges.

As they travel across Bamarre, Addie learns more about herself, her sister, her kingdom, and her heart. She discovers that she has more courage than she thought, that Meryl has more secrets than she knew, that Bamarre has more history than she imagined, and that Rhys has more feelings than he showed. She also realizes that magic is not as simple as it seems, and that there are rules and consequences that come with it.

The story reaches its climax when Addie faces the ultimate test of her bravery and love. She must confront the most fearsome monster of all, the one that holds the key to the cure for the Gray Death. Will she be able to save her sister and her kingdom? Or will she lose everything she holds dear?

The Themes of Two Princesses of Bamarre

One of the reasons why Two Princesses of Bamarre is such a great book is because it explores various themes that are relevant and relatable to readers of all ages. Some of the main themes are:


The book portrays the strong and complex bond between Addie and Meryl, who are not only sisters, but also best friends. They have different personalities, interests, and goals, but they also share a deep love and respect for each other. They support, encourage, and challenge each other to grow and achieve their dreams. They also have their conflicts, misunderstandings, and secrets, but they always find a way to reconcile and forgive. They are willing to sacrifice anything for each other's happiness and well-being.


The book shows how courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to act despite it. Addie is afraid of many things, such as monsters, heights, darkness, and failure. However, she does not let her fears stop her from doing what she needs to do to save her sister. She faces her fears head-on and overcomes them with determination and perseverance. She also learns to trust herself and her abilities, and to take risks and make decisions. She proves that courage is not something you are born with, but something you develop through experience and practice.


The book illustrates how love is not only a feeling, but also a choice and an action. Addie falls in love with Rhys, who is kind, smart, funny, and handsome. However, she also faces many obstacles and dilemmas that threaten their relationship. She has to choose between her duty to her sister and her desire for Rhys. She has to deal with the social and political implications of being with a sorcerer. She has to cope with the jealousy and resentment of other suitors. She has to accept the fact that Rhys has his own secrets and flaws. She has to decide whether she loves him enough to let him go or fight for him.


The book demonstrates how magic is not only a power, but also a responsibility and a curse. Magic plays a vital role in the story, as it is the source of both the problem and the solution for the Gray Death. Magic also affects the lives of many characters, such as Rhys, who is a sorcerer; Drualt, who is a legendary hero; Vollys, who is a fairy; and Beloved, who is a dragon. Magic gives them extraordinary abilities and advantages, but it also comes with limitations and drawbacks. Magic has rules and costs that must be followed and paid. Magic can be used for good or evil, depending on the intention and morality of the user.

The Reviews of Two Princesses of Bamarre

Two Princesses of Bamarre was published in 2001 by HarperCollins. It is the second novel by Gail Carson Levine, who is best known for her debut book Ella Enchanted, which won the Newbery Honor in 1998. Two Princesses of Bamarre received positive reviews from critics and readers alike. Here are some of the highlights:

The Critical Reception

The book was praised by many reviewers for its engaging plot, likable characters, imaginative setting, humorous dialogue, and emotional depth. For example, Kirkus Reviews called it "a captivating fantasy" that "will appeal to fans of fairy tales". Publishers Weekly said it was "a lively adventure" that "offers humor as well as heart". School Library Journal said it was "a well-crafted story" that "will satisfy readers who enjoy fantasy with a touch of romance". Booklist said it was "a charming tale" that "will delight fans of Levine's previous works". The Horn Book said it was "a satisfying fantasy" that "will appeal to a wide audience".

The Awards and Nominations

The book was recognized by various organizations and publications for its quality and popularity. Some of the awards and nominations it received are:

- A Junior Library Guild Selection in 2001 - A New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age in 2002 - A Texas Lone Star Reading List Selection in 2002-2003 - A Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Book Award Nominee in 2003-2004 - A Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award Nominee in 2004-2005 The Comparisons

The book was compared by some reviewers to other works by Gail Carson Levine and other fantasy authors. Some of the comparisons are:

- Ella Enchanted: Levine's first novel, which is also a fairy tale retelling with a strong female protagonist, a charming love interest, and a twist on the traditional fairy godmother role. - The Princess Tales: Levine's series of short stories, which are also humorous and whimsical adaptations of classic fairy tales with clever twists and surprises. - The Two Princesses of Bamarre: Levine's third novel, which is also a fantasy adventure with two sisters who have opposite personalities and face a deadly threat to their kingdom. - The Chronicles of Narnia: C.S. Lewis's series of books, which are also fantasy stories with children who enter a magical world and encounter various creatures and challenges. - The Lord of the Rings: J.R.R. Tolkien's series of books, which are also fantasy stories with a quest to save a world from an evil force and a prophecy that guides the heroes. - Harry Potter: J.K. Rowling's series of books, which are also fantasy stories with a young protagonist who learns magic and faces a dark enemy. The Epub Download of Two Princesses of Bamarre

If you are interested in reading Two Princesses of Bamarre, you might want to consider downloading an epub file of the book. An epub file is a type of ebook format that is compatible with most devices and platforms. It has many advantages over other formats, such as:

- It is flexible and adaptable to different screen sizes and orientations. - It allows the reader to customize the font size, style, color, and layout of the text. - It supports images, audio, video, and interactive elements. - It preserves the original formatting and design of the book. - It is easy to transfer and share with others. There are many ways to download an epub file of Two Princesses of Bamarre for free or for a low price. Some of the options are:

- Visit online libraries or archives that offer free ebooks, such as Project Gutenberg, Open Library, or Internet Archive. - Search for free or discounted ebooks on online retailers or platforms, such as Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, or Apple Books. - Join online communities or forums that share ebooks, such as Reddit, Goodreads, or LibraryThing. - Use online converters or tools that can turn any webpage or document into an epub file, such as Calibre, EpubPress, or To ePub. Once you have downloaded an epub file of Two Princesses of Bamarre, you can open and read it on any device or platform that supports epub files. Some of the examples are:

- E-readers or tablets, such as Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or iPad. - Smartphones or computers, such as iPhone, Android, Windows, or Mac. - Web browsers or extensions, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or EPUBReader. - Apps or software programs, such as Adobe Digital Editions, FBReader, or iBooks. Conclusion

Two Princesses of Bamarre is a wonderful fantasy novel by Gail Carson Levine that will captivate and enchant you with its story of sisterhood, courage, love, and magic. It has an engaging plot, likable characters, imaginative setting, humorous dialogue, and emotional depth. It has received positive reviews from critics and readers alike. It has been recognized by various awards and nominations. It has been compared to other works by Gail Carson Levine and other fantasy authors.

If you want to read this amazing book, you can download an epub file of it for free or for a low price from various sources. You can open and read it on any device or platform that supports epub files. You can enjoy the flexibility and customization that epub files offer.

So what are you waiting for? Download Two Princesses of Bamarre today and join Addie and Meryl on their thrilling adventure to save their kingdom from the Gray Death. You won't regret it!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Two Princesses of Bamarre:

Q: Is Two Princesses of Bamarre a standalone book or part of a series?

A: Two Princesses of Bamarre is a standalone book that does not have any sequels or prequels. However, Gail Carson Levine has written other books that are set in the same world as Two Princesses of Bamarre, such as The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre and The Fairy's Return and Other Princess Tales.

Q: Is Two Princesses of Bamarre suitable for children or adults?

A: Two Princesses of Bamarre is suitable for both children and adults who enjoy fantasy stories. It is classified as a middle-grade novel, which means it is aimed at readers who are between 8 and 12 years old. However, it can also be enjoyed by older readers who appreciate fairy tales, adventure, and romance.

Q: Is Two Princesses of Bamarre based on a fairy tale or a myth?

A: Two Princesses of Bamarre is not based on a specific fairy tale or myth, but it does draw inspiration from various sources of folklore and literature. For example, the Gray Death is similar to the Black Death, a plague that killed millions of people in Europe in the 14th century. The prophecy that guides Addie and Rhys is similar to the one that guides Frodo and Sam in The Lord of the Rings. The dragon that Addie faces is similar to the one that Saint George slays in the legend of Saint George and the Dragon.

Q: Is Two Princesses of Bamarre available in other languages or formats?

A: Two Princesses of Bamarre is available in several languages, such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese. It is also available in different formats, such as paperback, hardcover, audiobook, and ebook.

Q: Is Two Princesses of Bamarre going to be adapted into a movie or a TV show?

A: There is no official confirmation or announcement that Two Princesses of Bamarre is going to be adapted into a movie or a TV show. However, there have been some rumors and speculations that Disney might be interested in making a live-action or animated adaptation of the book, since they have already adapted Levine's other book Ella Enchanted into a movie starring Anne Hathaway in 2004. 71b2f0854b


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