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John Beller began his career in the pest control industry in 1977. After working as an employee for several pest control companies, Beller started his own pest control business in Columbus, Nebraska, in June 1988. The business was organized as a Nebraska corporation known as Beller Pest Control, Inc. Beller and his wife were officers, directors, and stockholders of the corporation. The company employed beller and one other person who serviced accounts in the general vicinity of Columbus, Norfolk, Albion, Seward, Schuyler, Fullerton, adn Fremont, Nebraska.

X Company

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Prior to the asset sale to Presto-X, Beller Pest Control provided structural pest management services to Sand Systems, a company which manages hog production facilities in the Columbus vicinity. After the asset sale, Presto-X assumed responsibility for this account. Sand Systems became dissatisfied with the service provided by Presto-X and eventually terminated the business relation The Agreement further provided that as of the closing date, "John Beller is bound by a non-competition agreement as are any other shareholders of the corporation and the corporation itself with the Purchaser set forth in paragraph PI infra."

Co-living spaces allow residents to have space in a luxury apartment building at a lower price point that full unit rentals. According to the company website, monthly rents in a four-bedroom co-living unit range from $1,200-$1,400, while a traditional one-bedroom unit rents for $2,000-$2,345.

Rotor X Aircraft Manufacturing is a helicopter kit manufacturing company that provides the worlds most affordable and reliable two-seat personal helicopter. Although the Rotor X Aircraft Manufacturing is not affiliated with the RotorWay Helicopter Manufacturing Company (which is owned by Hong Kong FEI KE Industrial Limited of Hong Kong, China), we are continuing to support the existing over 2,500 RotorWay helicopter owners around the world with parts and maintenance services.

Rotor X Aircraft is the new all-American iteration of the classic helicopter kit company, RotorWay. Rotor X Aircraft is a supporter of the Veteran focused, NV3 Foundation and also supplies aircraft components to defense contractor Advanced Tactics.

Rotor X Aircraft Manufacturing is an aviation company that provides innovative aerospace solutions and components to change the future of general aviation and to support the US Military. Rotor X Aircraft is in no way affiliated with the RotorWay Helicopter Manufacturing Company or with RotorWay International.

Whether its 5,000-person surveys or 5 in-depth interviews, our B2B market research company provides a comprehensive approach to ensure you hear from people at all points of the customer lifecycle. Understand purchase drivers, sharpen your acquisition strategy, and ensure retention for the long-term.

We apply qualitative and quantitative methodologies to the same population. Our B2B market research company starts with 1:1 interviews that inform a survey to test findings at scale. Clients can then follow up with individual candidates for further discussion. 041b061a72


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